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18 January 2022: Filing Season Update:

The IRS has created a portal to retrieve your personal tax-related documents through Many of you have set these accounts up to manage the Advanced Child Tax Credit (ACTC) last summer.  In addition to the ACTC, you will have access to track refunds, credits (ACTC, EIP Payments), tax payments, return filings, as well as manage other government accounts such as Social Security and VA Benefits. will give you the ability to download/print your own IRS transcripts of past returns, past income statements like W2’s, 1099s, and interest paid and received.  This portal is designed to be your information source for tracking all things tax-related.

Once set up, this is a great tool.  That said, be prepared for possible frustrations establishing the account as the process times to verify IDs can vary.  You will need a laptop with a webcam or smartphone with a working camera as well as your Government-issued ID when registering.  If you have filed a joint return, both taxpayers on the return must register to be able to retrieve the full accurate amount of any EIP payments and ACTC totals received by the family.   The IRS will be issuing forms 6419 for ACTC Payments and 6475 for EIP payments.  If you do not receive these forms by mail, you can retrieve this information in your  We must have all forms 6419 and 6475 to file returns this year.   

Use the link below to visit the IRS account page.  You can sign in to an existing account or establish a new account using this link.  At the bottom of the linked page, the IRS has help topics posted to get you through the registration process.  Use these links and associated helplines to establish the account, we do not have the capacity or ability to assist you in this process, so please do not call the office asking for help.

To set up an account or log in:

In accordance with IRS guidelines, we will not accept any document attachments to regular email.  Please use our “Secure Upload” link at the right side of this page to ensure your documents are sent safely.  

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